Details about due date dates for brand new and continuing full-time pupils can be seen in the after pages

Details about due date dates for brand new and continuing full-time pupils can be seen in the after pages

A: You can see how to apply online from the after pages:

  • New students – just exactly How so when to put on

  • Continuing students – exactly exactly How as soon as to use
  • Part-time pupils – exactly exactly How so when to make use of

A: Yes. You may want to sign in utilizing your Consumer guide quantity (CRN).

A: If you can’t keep in mind your password go directly to the login web web page and, stick to the ‘Forgotten your password’ backlink to produce a password that is new.

A: You can obtain a reminder of either your email or CRN target. In the login web web page, proceed with the ‘Forgotten your current email address or CRN? ’ website link.

A: Yes, that you provide your information online though we recommend. If you’re looking for a paper application, call us.

A: No. You can just use written down. Look at the EU section to discover just how to use.

A: Yes. We suggest which you use directly away and notify us after you have selected. You are able to provide us with details about the college or university you would imagine you’re almost certainly to wait once you use. You’ll find extra information on the best way to improve your application right right right here:

A: Yes. You’ll keep the CRN that is same when for a advanced schooling course, so that you won’t need to register once more. But, we shall need certainly to issue you by having a brand new internet password and key response to help you access your bank account and apply on line. To obtain these you’ll have to call us.

A: No. The password just provides usage of the you received in Further Education. If you’re using for advanced schooling support, we’ll have to deliver you a fresh internet password and key solution. To have your brand new password you’ll need to get hold of us.

Parents and lovers of pupils

A: By providing your National Insurance quantity we are able to validate your revenue details with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Which means that you won’t need to deliver in just about any proof of your revenue. In some instances HMRC won’t be able to confirm your earnings details; if that’s the actual situation we’ll write to you personally and get one to deliver us proof your revenue. We advise that you have got your National Insurance number at hand whenever you’re entering your economic information.

A: You can perform so by composing to us during the target below. You will have to offer us using the death that is original or coroner’s report for the attention of:

Douglas Gould Figuratively Speaking Business Limited 100 Bothwell Street Glasgow G2 7JD

A: You can learn how to offer your financial information online on the page that is following

A: Yes. You’ll be able to join making use of your Consumer guide quantity (CRN).

A: If you can’t keep in mind your password go right to the login web web page and, proceed with the ‘Forgotten your password’ connect to produce a brand new password.

A: You can obtain a reminder of either your CRN or e-mail target. On the login web web page, stick to the ‘Forgotten your current email address or CRN? ‘ link.

A: Yes, though we suggest you provide your information on the web. If a paper is required by you application, e mail us

A: Yes, but only when there is a fall in earnings of 15per cent or even more. Go to the ‘How does household earnings affect a software? ’ area to learn more

Getting Paide

A: Loan re re payments can have status of ‘blocked’ if:

    You have actuallyn’t prov your National Insurance quantity happens to be provided for the Department for Perform and Pensions for val you have actuallyn’t supplied us together with your bank details. If you wish to provide/update bank details, get on your web account.

A: You’ll get the instalment that is first of education loan or grant approx 3 – 5 business days after you register on the program as long as:

    You’ve got used as well as your application is authorized your college has verified that you’re in attendance you’ve provided us your val you’ve offered us your National Insurance quantity while the Department for Perform and Pensions have validated it.

Notification of entitlement

A: A Notification of Entitlement Letter is a document we deliver to you personally after you have been examined for finance. The page describes exactly what you’re eligible to so when you’ll be compensated. Online it will also contain your Student Finance Online Declaration Form if you applied. We can not make any re re payments and soon you have returned and signed your pupil Finance on the web Declaration Form by post.

A: Your Notification of Entitlement Letter could be printed and viewed from your own online account. Get on your click and account from the ‘view communication’ link.

A: Scholar Finance Wales PO Box 211 Llandudno Junction LL30 9FU

We welcome Welsh communication and phone phone calls. This won’t result in a wait inside our reaction.

Changing the application

If there’s been a modification of your needs you must inform us since quickly as feasible as this make a difference your entitlement.

Repayment and interest

A: Full-time student- you’ll be due to begin repaying your education loan through the after you graduate or withdraw from your course april.

Part-time student- you’ll be due to start out repaying the April four years after the begin of your program or perhaps the April once you finish or leave your program, whichever comes first.

A: No. You’ll be charged interest on any loans through the very first time the cash is compensated for your requirements or your university/college before the loan is paid back in complete or cancelled. This pertains to both repair and Tuition Fee Loans.

A: browse our loan payment page to learn more concerning the rate of interest in your education loan.

Postgraduate capital

A: browse the postgraduate pupils part for more information in regards to the capital designed for postgraduate pupils

Dependent and status that is independent

A: generally speaking, you’re considered a student that is‘dependent for the purposes of pupil finance in the event that you:

    Are under 25; aren’t married or in a civil partnership; haven’t any reliant young ones; and now have perhaps not supported your self economically for at the least 3 years ahead of the start of scholastic 12 months.

Unless you choose to only apply for support that is not based on your household income if you’re a dependent student, the income of your parents will be considered.

A: Under the present rules which apply in Wales, students is evaluated as an eligible student that is independent to fulfilling any one of several following requirements:

    Aged 25 or higher from the very first time associated with the very very very first scholastic 12 months associated with the program; hitched or perhaps in a partnership that is civil the start of the appropriate 12 months; does not have any moms and dad living; is viewed as become irreconcilably estranged from his / her parents; had been taken care of by an area authority throughout any three thirty days duration closing on or after achieving the chronilogical age of 16; pupil or moms and dads res where a pupil ended up being managing one moms and dad (in instances of parental separation) and therefore parent has died; is an associate of the spiritual purchase whom res cares for an individual underneath the chronilogical age of 18 as during the very very very first time for the appropriate 12 months; or has supported by themselves for at the very least 3 years prior to the start of program.

Being thought to be a student that is independent economic help in Further Education will not immediately imply that you’d be regarded as separate for a degree program.


A: students that are part-time to put on within 9 months of the program start date.

A: Yes, in the event that you began your program on or after 1 September 2014. In the event that you began your program before 1 September 2014 e mail us

A: No. You can easily just use in writing. Go to the EU section to discover just how to use.

A: If there’s been a modification of your needs you need to inform us since soon as possible since this can impact your entitlement. You should install and complete a CO2 Form – Change of circumstances for part-time pupils from our kind finder

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